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We Believe:
You should have the freedom to select the best software for each of your core applications from different vendors without paying the price of repetitive data entry and system incompatibility.

Our Commitment:
To make our separate programs "play well' together; so that you can spend more of your time managing your client's money and not managing incompatible software.


Member Companies

Your DilemmaYou want the best solution you can find for each money management software application in your financial advisor practice -- the best CRM integration, best portfolio accounting management systems, and best financial planning applications working as if they were a complete system. Only you can judge what is "best" for your way of doing business.

You'd love to get one super program, the proverbial "Silver Bullet" that does everything, so it all works together and you only enter information once. The problem, however, is that such a program doesn’t exist. You have enough trouble finding software that does just one thing as well as you’d like, and no one program can do it all.

Our SolutionNow there is at least the beginning of a solution. The member companies of Your Silver Bullet can each provide an excellent solution for one of your core applications. And each is also committed to making its application work well with the others. Our goal is to make data integration among our separate programs as seamless (and painless) as it would be if they were one application. While we have a long way to go to reach this goal, we have already made substantial progress. The purpose of Your Silver Bullet is to accelerate our development of integrated solutions and to give you an easy way to find programs that "play well" together.

Software Community

NOT a platform
NOT a product
NOT a pre-packaged suite of applications
NOT a consulting organization

Your Silver Bullet is a community of committed software providers joining together to bring you real solutions to meet your business needs today and in the future.


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